New Media

What makes it “new”?

I have always been a Communications major. Recently, MGA has decided to drop Communications and Pick up NMAC instead. This supposedly encompasses all of the media, as well as the communications aspect.

So I wondered, what exactly makes new media “new”? We have had forms of media around for decades. Newspapers, pamphlets, books and letter, they are all forms of media. Are they the old-fashioned way of media? Is that why it is new, because it has become digitized?

Bailey Socha and Barbara Eber-Schmid wrote the article “WHAT IS NEW MEDIA?”.

The article explains media, “new” and “old”. What the differences are as well as the divide that technology has created between the different age groups. This divide is also apparent among those who are able to access media, internet, and technology versus those who are unable to.

What I took from the article is that new media is anything that can be accessed digitally. The difference between new and old is the advancing technology. It is used for every part  of our daily lives. It becomes more and more advanced each day.



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