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What makes us human?

What makes us human, in my opinion, are the emotions that we feel. Most of the time, people act on emotions and instinct. Few people solely react on logic and reasoning. Humans are emotional creatures. Logic and reasoning take backseats when it comes to reactions. There are reasons that people are paranoid about machines rising up and taking over the world. The fear that we feel is something that technology will never have. Technology will never have to deal with the emotions of fear. If you think about it, technology will never have to deal with heartbreaks, hormones, anxiety, love, and stress. The things that make us human are remarkable because they cannot be copied to the fullest effect. If it is copied, it does not mean that it is believable.

If you think of it in a biblical sense then you might want to read: “What Makes Us Human?” by Daniel Criswell, Ph.D. His article shows how God created man. “Man is capable of creating objects for his use or pleasure from his imagination that have never been seen before. Emotions attributed to God’s character can also be seen in man. Man has the ability to love, hate, and become jealous, and through the power of the Holy Spirit he can express these emotions in appropriate ways. Forgiveness is another quality that man shares with his Creator. But these human characteristics are reflections of God’s nature given to mankind at the time of creation” (Criswell). At the end of his article, he states: “Ultimately, “what makes us human” is the choice we make about the spiritual disaster in our lives. Do we accept the gift of salvation and experience the peace of God, or do we reject the gift and experience the consequences of spiritual death?” (Criswell).

Personally, I do not believe that is why we are human. Our spiritual choice will not make a difference. If we choose a different path, we will not suddenly turn into a dog. Therefore, I do not believe that his vision is correct.

Thomas Suddendorf wrote a blog called “What Makes Us Human?”. Suddendorf states: “Our mental capacities have allowed us to tame fire and invent the wheel. We survive by our wits. Our minds have spawned civilizations and technologies that have changed the face of the Earth, while even our closest living animal relatives sit unobtrusively in their remaining forests. There appears to be a tremendous gap between human and animal minds, yet the precise nature of this gap has been notoriously difficult to establish.” The one thing that sets us a part from animals is our ability to think. Our mental capabilities have helped humans discover and learn.



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