New Media

New Media and Everyday Life

Media is not new. It has been around since before I was born. The media does a great job of showing you what they want you to see. If the story is not interesting in the least bit, it does not get shown. Ratings are everything to companies. They want the publicity but it has to be on their own terms. Media is constantly changing. Nothing about media is ever stagnant. Most believe that new media is referring to anything digital; computers, cellphones, Kindles, etc. Anything that promotes a social feeling without actually having the company. “New Media can by defined by certain characteristics”(Socha, Eber-Schmid). These characteristics are image, words, and sounds. This means media can be defined by a sing-a-long picture book.

The reason that this is “New Media” is due to the fact, “Old Media” have completely different formatting. Formatting Old Media and New Media is described as going from a novel about how you feel to a personalized blog, complete with music, pictures and thoughts.

Nesting is a way to organize a presentation of the information. They are categorized by subject and then re-categorized by context. Nesting is essentially a 2 part organizing system. Nesting is most commonly seen as a hyperlink.

Rebecca Edwards, My COMM 2202 professor, told us “the Digital Divide is between those who have access to computers and those who do not” (COMM 2202). The digital divide is also known as the technology gap. The gap is caused by people who use electronics everyday compared to those who do not. This can cause an information gap as well. People, especially students, who are unable to access a computer are at a disadvantage when it comes to doing assignments that require internet or a computer. When this happens, peers begin to congregate to fill in that person on what they have missed.


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