New Media

My views on Being Digital

Today my professor asked the question “What does it mean to be digital?” (Dr. Lucas). My group discussed the fact that technology is advancing faster than expected. Social media has gone crazy with drama, political views, and personal issues. Many people use social media as a way to instigate fights which can cause issues and drama between people. Most of which have nothing to do with each other. Social media has been the source of teenage issues just because teens love to put their thoughts, views and gossip out for everyone to see. Once it is out in the open, when people start to comment that have opposing views, a fight starts. In my experience, people always want you to agree with them, so you can stroke their ego and tell them that they are right about everything. When you go against that you are deemed and outsider or outcast. This leads to cyber-bullying and possibly physical bullying. More often than people realize, bullying causes a person’s mental state to break down and the result ends in suicide. After that person is gone, the bully goes on and on about how close they were and how they will always miss them. This is an issue to the people that were actually there for that person. Again, causing more drama and problems.

Another thing that was discussed is that machines are taking over work in factories and warehouses. My professor said that it is simply not true, however, I disagree. I know that it is happening. I am not blind. Many people do not realize that some of my generation actually look into things like this. The research shows that in China it was happening in 2014. That was three years ago, it does not seem like it. Imagine how much it has progressed and advanced in those three years. Technology will only progress as the future arrives. Machines need few people to operate them. A programmer, a mechanic in case anything breaks, and possibly a cleaner to ensure that the machine does not rust or get dirty. Anything that could possibly slow down the production. As an example, lets say that two factories produce the exact same thing. Factory A uses workers, while Factory B uses a machine with 3 workers around in case they are needed. Factory B begins to produce more product at a faster rate. This eventually puts Factory A out of business. This has an impact on the work force and employment. What happens when the computer programmer is on vacation and the machine goes down? The entire production has to stop until the issue is resolved. There are flaws in human workers as well as machines working. Machines break down or fall apart rust. The problem with human workers are that some are lazy, do not want to work, call in all of the time, get sick, get hurt (possibly on the job),or some have children who have to be taken care of. There are cons to both sides, no matter how you look at it.

The progression in technology will always happen. It can not be stopped, even if we tried. As people experiment with what could happen “if this”, we learn new things. We never want to stop learning. However, as people, we can not let someone else dictate how we feel about a certain issue. Your feelings are your own. No one can tell you that you HAVE to feel a certain way. Even if they were to try, you have the ability to stand up to them and state your opinions. If they are different, so what? Being digital is not just about media. It is about how we perceive the world. We are surround by technology every second of every day. There is no escaping it. Most people do not want to leave social media for the fact that they have people to talk to there, were as in real life they don’t talk to anyone.


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