New Media

Right Technology, Wrong Problems

In my New Media class, one of our assigned books are Being Digital by Nicholas Negroponte. One chapter caught my eye, named Right Technology, Wrong Problems.

It basically stated that”we are advancing on the correct technological path.  Unfortunately, we are worried about the wrong things. Most people want amazing resolution, high definition, and the quality of the picture” (40-41).

As we advance our technology, the problems that are being focused on are irrelevant. Everyone is worried about the mundane. People do not want to fix the bugs in the systems or the crashes that constantly happen with a new update. They want a better camera, brighter picture on the television, everything that has to do with display. Not the actual quality of the product. While the display is important, it needs to be effective in its ability to do the job.

If it is a huge television with many bugs and crashes, then the product is not worth buying. After a time, the product stops selling. The ones that were bought are often sent back for repair or refund.

The technology needs to be focusing on itself, instead of how good everything looks.


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