Digital Storytelling

3 Frame Story (Fictional Story)

I walk alone down the hallways of the residence hall. Knowing that something might be up, I keep my eyes pealed and my ears sharp. The beige walls look as though an endless hallway that lead straight into a black hole. As I walk closer, I begin to hear the noise; screaming, breaking glass, things slamming into walls. I immediately call the cops and my boss as I run to the source of the disturbance.20170205_000734

I am finally able to head back to my building. The streets are quiet. The noise has finally died down. It took a while to get everything in order. It took the school cops as well as the city cops to break up the party/fight. The ambulance was called and took away the bloody body. She was DOA. The party had gotten out of hand. One small argument between friends escalated to a small fight until the boyfriends and other friends got involved. At that point, it was chaos. 20170205_000846

Once I return to my apartment, my sweet baby is awaiting my return. I sit on the couch beside her as I resume my homework. It dawns on me that her bright personalitiy and bipolar attitude makes me laugh. Even when I have the worst night possible, she is there for me. Reminding me that I have to feed her, because apparently I never feed her. At least, that is what she tells everyone.20170205_001021


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