New Media

Information Architecture

Information Architecture is defined by Wikipedia as: “The structural design of shared information environments. The art and science of organizing and labeling web sites, intranets, online communities, and software to support findability and usability. An emerging community of practice focused on bringing principles of design and architecture to the digital landscape. The combination of organization, labeling, search and navigation systems within websites and intranets. Extracting required parameters/data of Engineering Designs in the process of creating a knowledge-base linking different systems and standards. A subset of data architecture where usable data (a.k.a. information) is constructed in and designed or arranged in a fashion most useful or empirically holistic to the users of this data. The practice of organizing the information / content / functionality of a web site so that it presents the best user experience it can, with information and services being easily usable and findable (as applied to web design and development).”

This reminds me of an OCD person. They are constantly labeling and repeating rituals just so that they will feel safe and comfortable. This helps people in everyday, ordinary life find what they are looking for on the internet without having to search billions of websites. IT puts the most relevant to the words first, but before that relevant ads are placed. There are many advertisements in this area because the service is free. A major example that everyone uses and possibly takes for granted is Google. Imagine what would happen if Google shut down. There are many articles about the situation, which can be found here. It is interesting that so many people have already thought about the possibility of Google shutting down one day.

This shows the people have little faith in the government to keep even a simple website up and running.  78,800,000 results in less than 2 minutes. That is amazing at which the speed of it gets searches done. However, we are seen as relying on Google far too much. It has become a necessity. People are addicted to what is going on. They want more.


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