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Fiction vs Nonfiction

Which is better? Fiction or nonfiction?

As an English major, I prefer fiction. My reasoning is simple, I get lost in the fantasy and escape the reality. However, that is my own personal opinion.

Johnathan Gottschall wrote an article for Boston Globe titled “Why fiction is good for you“. His question to the reader “Does fiction build the morality of individuals and societies, or does it break it down?”

He goes into the history even stating that Plato attempted to ban fiction, which turned into burnings of books.

As the article continues, Gottschall states that studies have shown fiction to have influence over us.

I agree with his statement. Fiction is a way to escape from reality. It draws the reader in by catching their attention with a line, quote, or even a unique character. When reading nonfiction, I tend to be biased. I am not a big fan of nonfiction unless it deals with the supernatural. I state this because the supernatural is interesting. As a general concept, nonfiction is not as exciting or interesting as fiction. When thinking about nonfiction, my mind goes to history. That makes it seem as though I am taking a class or doing homework.

Fiction feeds the imagination and the mind. Nonfiction is a way to read a part of history, in my opinion. I believe that fiction is better in every way possible because the reader is able to take an experience and run with it. Create something out of nothing.


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