Digital Storytelling


What is a hero? Well I can tell you what a hero is not. A hero does not let your parents get killed in front of you. A hero does not promise to keep them safe and then break that promise. I still do not understand where it went wrong. Why did the hero go back on his word? He promised to protect me. All the hero did was kill my parents right in front of me. He made me watch. Sick bastard.


It started a few months ago. My father got a call from the government saying that we were in danger because of his work. We had to pack and leave immediately. I was in the middle of the school year. The teachers sent me work under a false name and address; from there a mailman walked it 10 blocks. The mailman hand delivered it to my parents or I. He also took it to my teachers. This way I could still graduate. I would not walk across the stage though. The thought of that made me sad. As I look at it now, it was sad to be upset about not walking at graduation.


We got settled in at a new place, protective custody seemed like a normal routine. I had three big guys follow me around everywhere. If anyone asked, I just said they were m big brothers. It seemed almost true. They had been watching over me since I was born.


One day I was out at the park with my brothers. This is where I met Hero. He was smart and funny. He was not handsome or anything, but he was decently cute. I was not super interested until he started to talk about books. This caused my heart to skip a beat. After this, Hero spent a lot of time with me. We never went to my house, only met at the park. It was safer that way, or so I thought. Hero constantly told me that I was cute and he liked me.


One day, there was another girl at the park with him. I saw them kiss and I lost it. I started screaming. The next thing I know, the girl is on the ground covered in blood and my three brothers have me in their arms restraining me. Once I realized what happened, I swore I saw Hero smirk at me. It seemed as though he did that on purpose to test my reaction. I glare at him as my brother’s drag me off.


We got to the house and cleaned up the blood from my clothes. I asked what happened. They shared a glance that I knew all to well. It was a look that meant I had lost control again.


Let me explain, I have a medical condition. This medical condition means if I get over emotional, mainly with anger, rage, or anything associated with those, I lose control. Once I lose control I fight said person until I am restrained or I come out of the trance. These “trances” can last anywhere from a few minutes, hours, or even days. The last trance I had caused me to kill four people. I could not stop myself. They kept picking on me. I had sent my brothers to get me a smoothie and other things. This is when the kids took advantage of me being alone. The kids kept hitting, kicking and yelling at me. I begged them to stop. I just wanted to be left alone. What caused the outbreak was when the smallest kid said that I was always going to be alone and I was going to end up like my cousin, a whore with six babies and no one knows their daddies. I snapped and saw red. I remember standing there with their dead bodies surrounding me. Honestly? I did not care too much. When my brothers saw what had happened; they freaked out. I just shrugged my shoulders. Since then, my brothers have never left my side, even in my sleep. If one of them leaves, two will stay. I am never left alone. This is something I do not mind.


I look down at my hands and wonder if I killed her. My blonde brother tells me that she is alive. So I did not have to worry. I look up and smile slightly as I thank him for reading my mind. Hero runs over and asks if I am okay. I tell him to fuck off and go check on his girlfriend. Hero gets mad and raises his hand as if he is going to hit me. My brunette brother was faster and stronger. He grabbed Hero’s arm and broke it. In unison, my brothers told Hero to never raise his hand at me again or he would die. I looked at him and smiled.


After the incident, Hero still decided to hang out with me. He said he liked me and did not want me to stop being his friend. I told him I forgave him. Hero began to tell me that he would protect my family and I after anything that is after us. I laughed and said I doubt it; however, when I looked at him, he looked serious. I told him okay that I believed him.


A week later, I go into my parent’s room to find them. I see Hero in the corner raising his silenced gun. He stares at me as he shoots both of my parents in the head. I scream out and attack him. He shoots me in the arm and ribcage as he disappears. My brothers suddenly appear, growling as they lift my bleeding body up and take me to the hospital.


I spent months in the hospital due to the complications from the gun shot wounds. As I lay in the bed, I swore I would find and kill Hero.


A few weeks later, Hero sent a letter stating that he was sorry; he still liked and even loved me. But he had to. He was under orders to kill the entire team in my house, my brothers and I included.


I got out of the hospital a few days later. Walking was difficult, so was everything else. But I did not have time to think about the pain. I had to train to catch Hero. I trained for months until I was stronger, faster, and better than before.


Now that I am here, staring at Hero. Smiling at his beaten bruised, and bloody body tied up to the chair, I laugh. This is what happens when I am underestimated. I take the throwing knives from the table and begin to use his body as a dartboard. He screams each time the knife sticks into his chest. The last thing you can hear him say is “I am so sorry! Please, stop! I love you.”.


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