New Media

Virtual Reality

The article “Virtual Reality and the Pioneers of Cyberspace” states that cyberspace along with computers have created lies. Most of the news that is online consist of nothing but charts, graphs, and percentages. One thing about virtual reality is that the linear information that is received are lies. That is what Barlow is trying to let people know.

Virtual reality is a way for many people to escape their daily lives. The people who participate in online games that base their systems and backgrounds around virtual reality are constantly looking for a way out. The reality that is created by them, for them becomes their version of reality.


Peter Yang’s article “The Untold Story of Magic Leap, the World’s Most Secretive Startup”, explained that virtual reality that is mixed with the real world is known as Mixed Reality (MR). This is also known as Augmented Reality. This allows the user to be in an alternate reality with some of their familiar surroundings. Yang’s example was a personal one; “I saw human-sized robots walk through the actual walls of the room. I could shoot them with power blasts from a prop gun I really held in my hands. I watched miniature humans wrestle each other on a real tabletop, almost like a Star Wars holographic chess game. These tiny people were obviously not real, despite their photographic realism, but they were really present.”


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