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Streaming Services; Who Gets Paid?

When you look up streaming services, something like this is the result;


The only thing I typed in the search box was ‘streaming services music’. Most of the results are for who is the best, a comparison between the big names, or free sites.


When searching for an article, this is what showed up. The same thing as before, except this is about paid services instead of free ones.

After scrolling all the way down to the bottom of the page, I found an article that I was looking for.

Matthew Panzarino wrote How much does an artist make from a single stream of a song on ITunes Match and Spotify?

According to Panzarino, the artist gets paid less than 1 penny. 1 PENNY!!!

“Correction: iTunes Match pays $0.00330526797710 per stream. Spotify actually pays us more, at $0.00966947678815 per stream” (Davidson quoted by Panzarino).

Artists are not the ones who get paid when it comes to streaming services. It seems as though the main leaders take home the big bucks and the change is handed down, lost in couch cushions, 2 pennies are found, and that is what is given to the artist as a form or payment or compensation.

Another article, Streaming music payments: how much do artists really receive by Stuart Dredge gives information about many of the artists, stating that they are paid less than 1 Penny, similar to the previous article. However, this article shows more streaming services. It seems as though Rhapsody pays about .69 per stream. That is a major jump from less than a penny. However,  “that included mechanical royalties payments for writing the songs as well as performing them” (Dredge).

Dredge and Panzarino both show the world that artists are paid very little, even by streaming services. Artists are a tool to be used and thrown away by corporations.



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