New Media

Video Games and Digital Literature

Naomi Alderman brings up an interesting point in her article The first great works of digital literature are already being written. She talks about how many of the people that she works with forget that video games actually exist. The fact that anyone can forget something that is so widely popular seems impossible. However, it does happen. Alderman states “They’re the most lucrative, fastest-growing medium of our age.” This is true on every level. Many people wait in line for hours for the midnight release of a new game or system. My boyfriend is one of those people, what makes his position even worse, he works at GameStop.

It is difficult to realize that the future is already here and it is in your house. The technology that we are talking about disguises itself as a gaming system. Most games tell stories, this is to keep the player interested in the game. If the game only consists of missions that are unrelated with no end goal, the player will get bored. I speak from a personal experience. I play Final Fantasy X with my boyfriend. The storyline itself is what drew me into the game. I do not play many video games, I am not coordinated enough for it. However, I was interested in the story that Final Fantasy X had to offer.

Alderman talks about a few games, one of them being Portal. The greatest thing about Portal is that it breaks the fourth wall repeatedly. It is constantly provoking thought from the player. I agree when Alderman says that creative people and scientific people have been separated from the middle to high school age. We have always been told to become one or the other. “It is not possible to be a creative scientist.” I was told that many times.

People seem to believe that video games are making our students and children dumber. However, I believe it is opposite. The video games are helping with the creative process. Some video games promote creativity, such as Minecraft or LegoWorld. In these, you are encouraged to build whatever you want. There are limitless possibilities of what you can create in these worlds. Yes, there are some games that are violent. However, these are still a channel to funnel rage into. This is a safer way versus any physical activity. This can reduce fights.

Video games are a form of digital literature. It is through the stories that the literature comes into play. It is the video game itself that is the digital aspect. Most people fail to realize this. Hopefully, as our technology advances, so will our understanding of the technology that is already around us.



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