Digital Media

Ad Campaign

The company I am representing is my own; Proofread Ur English.

The product is a service. It is a proofreading service which will be portrayed by a book.

The vision of the company is to help everyone with their English as well as help them find their own mistakes. This company does not do everything for you. It gives you the skills to help yourself.

I want to achieve a photo the captures the essence of what it is like to tutor someone and help them with their work.

My target audience consist of any person who is in school and in need of English help or tutoring.

My visual message that I am trying to portray is that English does not have to stress you out and be difficult if you need help.

I expect to see this advertisement at schools, colleges, online, and any place that sells school supplies.

Light lighting should make this photo shoot easier. It does not need to appear so bright but not extremely dim either.

The location would be at a library or a study hall.

I will feature students who are being tutored and tutoring as well.

The props I will need are a table, chairs, various pens, and pencils, as well as notebooks and the book I am using to represent my company.


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